Assault Attorney For Scottsdale Cases

The lawyers at our office routinely represent clients charged with assault in the City of Scottsdale. We understand that people make mistakes, especially when alcohol is involved. The last thing we want, however, is for an assault charge to ruin our clients’ lives.

The best approach to take when facing an assault charge in Scottsdale is to immediately contact an experienced attorney. In terms of experience, our attorneys are at Scottsdale Court nearly every day. You must keep in mind, all cases and courts are entirely different. What happens in one court, does not necessarily apply to another. We understand the inner-workings of Scottsdale Court and have developed effective processes to take whenever we have a client charged with assault.

Within one hour of being hired, we will inform the court that we are your attorney and request your police report. This is important for two reasons, we don’t want a Scottsdale Police Officer contacting you to solicit incriminating statements. We want the court and the police department to know all further communication must go directly through us. Unlike other courts, attorneys that have a relationship with the Scottsdale Prosecutor’s office will receive an email link with all of the evidence related to their clients. Once our attorneys receive the initial report, we will begin scheduling interviews with the arresting or citing police officer. It’s critical that we interview the responsible police office while the incident may be fresh in their mind. If we wait too long to schedule the interview, they may simply be refreshing their memory from reading the police report. The main objective is to pin them on an inconsistency.

There are many different defenses our attorneys can devise for assault cases. The worst mistake a person can make, however, would be to not hire a lawyer. If your objective is to get your charge dismissed, the chances of that happening without an attorney, or an experienced attorney, is very close to zero.

Our attorneys are available 24/7 to speak with potential clients about their assault cases. Consultations are always free. We strongly believe that after meeting with our lawyers, you will see why we are consistently rated one of Arizona’s top criminal defense law firms and will feel confident knowing your case will be in the best of hands. (602) 980-1987