Underage Clubbing in Scottsdale Could Land You In Jail

As a criminal defense attorney, I have represented people for literally every single type of conceivable charge.  The most commons types of cases my law firm handles are DUI, possession of Fake ID, minor in consumption of alcohol, minor in possession of alcohol, public urination, and open container. These are all very serious charges that

Tempe disorderly conduct lawyer restores order to your life

From the Phoenix Open and Old Town Scottsdale to West Gate and Mill Ave, crowds walking around from place to place may have made the mistake of getting a little loud, rowdy or even engaging in an argument in public.  These instances, as well as many more possible scenarios, can easily get the attention of a nearby police officer, resulting in an arrest for disorderly conduct.

Made in the Shade Beer Festival

Arizona’s craft beer enthusiasm is growing each year.  Every few months you hear about a new brewery opening up in the Valley or elsewhere in the state. Craft beer fans love to taste different brews in one place, which is why beer festivals are getting more popular and frequent.  Each year the Made in the

Underage Drinking Code of Conduct Hearings at ASU

The benefit of hiring our firm to represent you with your underage drinking case is that we will represent you for your court case, as well as your code of conduct hearing. We have represented hundreds of ASU students. Don’t go into court or a campus hearing unprepared, call us for advice on how we can help get your case dismissed so that you can move on with your studies.

I have a DUI case at University Lakes Justice Court

The University Lakes Justice Court in is Chandler, Arizona but has jurisdiction over most of downtown Tempe. People whose case has been assigned to the University Lakes Court were most likely issued citations by Arizona State University Police Department, Department of Public Safety or Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

Why is ASU so Strict on Underage Drinking?

People ask my office all the time why is Arizona State University so hard on underage drinking. I know there are other law firms that represent clients for various university-related offenses, but I’m in court every day and as far as I can see, there’s not another law firm that handles as many Arizona State University cases as my firm.

Can I still be Charged with Underage Drinking If I Didn’t Blow

One of the more common questions my firm receives from our university clients is whether the courts can move forward with criminal charges even though they didn’t blow into the police officer’s portable breath test. Because a breathalyzer is one of many tools a police officer can use to develop probable cause to arrest or cite for underage drinking, a suspect doesn’t necessarily have to blow into an officer’s breathalyzer.

Mesa’s DUI Penalties Reflect its Label as Most Conservative City

The DUI outcomes in Mesa are different than the DUI penalties in other courts.  A proper DUI defense needs to be handled carefully, thoughtfully and timely.  Most of our clients are very good people who just made a poor decision.  We can help.  We understand that a DUI conviction may cause tension with your spouse or result in career consequences. 

How to Get the Largest Settlement for your Car Accident

Everyone wants to know how to get the most amount of money for their car accident.  If you were in a car crash caused by someone else and you are injured, why not try to get the biggest settlement possible? No two car accidents are alike.  From the perspective of maximizing a settlement, some are bad, some are good and most are in between.  Let’s discuss the good and bad.

Arizona MVD Consequences for Possession of Fake ID

Depending on the type of fake ID charge, you will be facing either a class 1 or a class 2 misdemeanor.  In addition to your criminal charge, you may experience MVD consequences.  In my experience, MVD consequences depend on which law enforcement agency arrested you or issued your citation.  The most common law enforcement agencies we see are ASU police, Tempe Police, Scottsdale Police and Arizona Department of Liquor.  To receive MVD consequences, the citing or arresting police officer must send your citation to the MVD.  If they don’t send your citation to the MVD, you will not experience MVD consequences.

Scottsdale DUI Lawyer Representing Professional Athletes

Two professional Arizona sports players are facing DUI charges, according to reports released this week.  Phoenix Suns player P.J. Tucker was arrested in May in Scottsdale and is reportedly being charged with a DUI.  In a separate incident, Cardinals player John Abraham was arrested in Georgia last month for driving under the influence.

You’re Not Out of the Woods for Flagstaff Underage Drinking

Alcohol-related incidents resulting in criminal charges on Northern Arizona University’s campus and in Flagstaff occur for a variety of reasons. The most frequently occurring reason is due to age. Underaged students involved in drinking off-campus could be cited with a minor in consumption (MIC) or possession (MIP) from the Flagstaff Police Department. On campus, a resident assistant in a residence hall, and NAU’s Police Department may document residents.