Assault in Scottsdale

If you are charged with an assault in Scottsdale, you could be facing serious consequences that can impact your future. You may think you are safe from being accused of assault if you refrain from hitting or hurting another individual, but that’s not necessarily the case. It is more common than you may believe for a person to be charged with an assault falsely, or due to another person’s perception of their actions. It is important to understand what is considered assault under Arizona law and what your options are if you are charged.

Phoenix Athletes Arrested for Assault and Domestic Violence

This week, there have been three Arizona athletes arrested for assault. Markieff and Marcus Morris of the Phoenix Suns were arrested for aggravated assault. Brittney Griner of the Phoenix Mercury was arrested for domestic violence after getting into a fight with her fiancée, another WNBA star. Domestic Violence: A Serious Offense My office is seeing