Were You Charged with Criminal Damage in Scottsdale?

Causing damage to someone else’s property in Scottsdale can put you in jeopardy of being convicted of criminal damage. Whether it is scribbling graffiti on a building, or smashing in the windows on your ex’s car, you can face serious penalties; including jail or prison time. If you are charged with criminal damage in Scottsdale, or anywhere in Arizona, it is vital to understand what consequences you may face and what options you have for fighting your case.

Criminal Damage charges in Arizona

Criminal Damage and Arson charges in Mesa, Arizona Arizona is one of the most biker-friendly states in the country. Miles of open road, mild weather, and plenty of biker hang-outs. Today, a woman made Mesa, Arizona a little less biker-friendly for her boyfriend when she set his $17,000 Harley Davidson on fire. The woman was