Scottsdale Police Out to Get People for Urinating in Public

It’s a Good Decision to Hire A Lawyer for your Urinating in Public Case You’re not alone, everyone’s done it. You were out late in Scottsdale, just got out of a bar and had to use the restroom before going home. It’s dark, there aren’t many people around, so you go into the alley to

Gilbert, Arizona Criminal Defense Law Firm

Gilbert, Arizona Criminal Defense Law Firm Hardworking, dedication and experience are words used to describe the criminal defense lawyers at Matthew Lopez Law.  Choosing the right law firm to help you get through a difficult time in your life is a very difficult decision.  Not only do our lawyers have a tremendous amount of aggressive

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Gilbert, Arizona

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Gilbert Domestic violence doesn’t always mean exactly what most people think.  There is a common misconception that to be charged with domestic violence, a person has to actually be physical with a wife or girlfriend.  The reality is, it really isn’t a specific charge.  Domestic violence is a designation that can