Will I go to Jail if Convicted for Criminal Speeding in Scottsdale

There are two very common questions are attorneys receive whenever someone is faced with criminal speeding. The first is whether they will go to jail. The second is how long the criminal conviction will be on the record. Criminal speeding in Arizona is a class 3 criminal misdemeanor. You may see on your ticket that you’re charged with either criminal speeding or excessive speeding.

Is Distracted Driving as Dangerous as Drunk Driving?

Distractions can come in a variety of guises. While you may not think of yourself as being one who participates in distracted driving, you may want to reconsider once you understand the scope of the problem. There is no question about the danger of drunk driving. In fact, drunk driving contributes to about 2 million vehicle crashes annually. Fatalities associated with highway accidents involving two or more cars are over 50% more likely to have alcohol impairment as a factor in the crash. As sobering as those statistics may be, the Centers for Disease Control has identified distracted driving as another major cause for vehicular accidents.

Photo Radar and Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Our office is excited to announce that we are now handling photo radar and traffic tickets. Over the past several months, we have received countless phone calls from potential clients requesting information about photo radar. After giving it considerable thought, we have decided to provide the same level of legal representation to photo radar clients

Lawyer Defending Gila Bend Criminal Speeding Cases

When driving around Arizona, it is incredible how much open space there is.  Navigating the miles and miles of desert landscape, many push the speed limit and travel faster than the posted signs.  Some people forget than the small towns they drive through have much lower speed limits and police who fiercely patrol the area.

Williams AZ Criminal Speeding

Williams AZ Criminal Speeding Lawyer Driving in and through Williams, Arizona may seem like a breezy open-road drive, but it has turned into a very bad day for many. I have received numerous phone calls recently from people who have been charged with criminal speeding in Williams, AZ. The Route 66 from early days is

Don’t let a speeding ticket ruin your California get-away

Even though Spring Break is over, summer is getting close and that means some of you are planning a quick weekend trip to sunny California to enjoy the beach life for a few days.  California is so close to Phoenix, just hours away by car, that many of us chose to skip the airport lines

A motorcycle speeding charge is a fast way to a major headache

Motorcycles are a thrilling choice of transportation.  With the wind in your hair, sun in your face, and an extremely fast acceleration, motorbikes are an appealing ride for many people from young to old.  Whatever age you are, and whatever type of bike you ride, motorcyclists find themselves facing speeding charges as much as any

Candid Camera: Speed camera tickets are no laughing matter

Speed cameras were the talk of the town several years ago when a huge surge of them was placed around the Valley on our highways.  Many drivers saw the dreaded flash of light and soon after received the letter in the mail.  If you were lucky enough to avoid one of these tickets, you certainly

Eloy Justice Court – Criminal Speeding Reduced to Civil

One of the biggest hot spots for criminal speeding – excessive speeding – tickets is in Eloy, Arizona.  Cops know the drive from Phoenix to Tucson is incredibly boring and people are in a hurry.  In Arizona, it is considered criminal to travel more than 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit or

Double Trouble for Litchfield Park Speeder

A man who led police on a high-speed chase earlier in the month was arrested Thursday morning after police allegedly witnessed him driving under a suspended license.   On February 8, 2013, the Litchfield Park man was pursued by police after driving at speeds over 100 miles per hour.  This week, a Goodyear police officer recognized

Be Careful – Speeding in Eloy Could Result in Big Penalties!

My law firm has represented countless clients for criminal speeding – also known as excessive speeding.  Some of the more common ways people can be charged with excessive speeding is if they are traveling more than 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, or if they are traveling faster than 80 miles per