Spring Break Drug Charges Can Have Serious Results

College students from all around the country rejoice: Spring Break is upon us. The weather is warming up and summer is just around the corner.  At the University of Arizona, they came up with the perfect event just before students head out to the week-long party, their annual Spring Break Safety Fair. This event focuses on the common dangerous behavior that people often take part in while on break.  These include alcohol, drugs and risky sexual activities to name a few.  The goal was to remind students to use common sense to lower their risk of ending their holiday in the hospital, or in jail.

420 “Holiday” Possession of Marijuana Arrests

Recreational Marijuana still illegal in Arizona Marijuana laws around the country are relaxing each year. It seems the general population is becoming less and less scared of the idea of this drug. Over half the states now have marijuana legalized in some form or another. Arizona legalized pot for medical use in 2010, paving the