What Impact Could Legalized Marijuana Make Have on DUIs?

Legalization of Marijuana in Arizona Although Proposition 205 did not pass this year in Arizona, it lost by a narrow margin. Legalization of marijuana could still be in Arizona’s future, which could have many impacts on the laws and regulations that exist today. One of the major concerns is how DUIs would be enforced when

Received a DUI in Glendale, Arizona – Now What?

Received a DUI in Glendale, Arizona – Now What? Because of the Cardinals, Coyotes, concerts and shows, Glendale is one of the busiest cities in Arizona when it comes to DUI arrests. Police know people are tailgating and partying at the venues. If you’ve ever been to an event at Westgate, you know navigating the

Perfect Example Why You NEED To Hire a DUI Lawyer

Perfect Example Why You NEED To Hire a DUI Lawyer This morning, a fellow attorney called me to ask questions about his friend’s DUI case.  I routinely receive calls like this. It makes me proud knowing that others within the legal community perceive me as an authoritative figure with regard to DUI and criminal defense. 

Surprising Labor Day Weekend DUI Stats

The Labor Day Weekend DUI statistics are out and they might surprise you.  DUI arrests were 20% down from last year.  The number of repeat offenders and the average BAC, however, went up.  This means more felony DUI and aggravated DUI charges.  The police task forces were out and about over the long weekend, conducting

I’m being charged with my second DUI in Mesa

Although Arizona DUI penalties are strict, second time DUI penalties can be astonishing. Under Arizona law, if a person receives a second DUI within a seven year period, they could be facing as much as 180 days in jail. The seven year period begins from the date of the first arrest, not the conviction.   It