Should I Hire an Attorney in Arizona for a Felony DUI?

A DUI of any type is a very serious charge and can carry significant penalties, as well as put your livelihood at risk. Penalties for a DUI can include jail time, fines, suspended or revoked license and more. DUI’s may be misdemeanors or felonies, depending on a number of factors. For a Felony DUI, penalties can be quite severe, though a drunk driving attorney can often get those penalties, or even the charges themselves, reduced significantly.

I’ve Never Had a DUI, Why am I Being Charged with a Felony?

Periodically, I will receive a phone call from someone who has never been arrested for a DUI and cannot understand why their DUI arrest has resulted in a felony charge.  The conversations I have with these potential clients tend to be sobering.  In Arizona, there are a few ways someone can be charged with a

Aggravated DUI w/ Probation Violation

I recently had a case where my client was on probation for resisting arrest, a class 6 felony, and was subsequently arrested and charged with Aggravated DUI.  In Arizona, Aggravated DUI is a class 4 felony.  There are few ways in which someone can be charged with Aggravated DUI – some of the more commons