Tempe Personal Injury Attorney Helps Victims of Motorcycle Accidents

Tempe Personal Injury Attorney Gets Motorcycle Accident Victims Paid! Another motorcycle accident in the Phoenix metro area unfortunately resulted in the motorcyclist losing his life.  The crash occurred last night in Glendale.  A vehicle crashed into the motorcyclist, attempted to flee the scene, struck another vehicle, then was chased and held by witnesses until police

Fatal accident on 101 reminds us to drive carefully

Every day in Arizona there are numerous car accidents, ranging from small fender benders to major pile-ups.  Injuries can also range from very minor to fatal.  A rollover accident on the Loop 101 this afternoon was one of the more serious incidents probably for the entire month.  In the two-car collision, a vehicle rolled over

1 Dead in Glendale, AZ Rollover – 83rd Ave and Bell.

Early this morning, a truck carrying three men was involved in a car accident at 83rd Avenue and Bell in Glendale, Arizona.  Allegedly, the driver of the vehicle lost control of the truck when it hit the median.  All three men were ejected from the vehicle.  A 52 year old passenger died as a result

67th Avenue and Solano Glendale – Two Dead in Car Crash

There were two early twenty year olds today who died in a car accident at 67th Avenue and Solanao in Glendale.  Police are unsure what caused the accident but the vehicle went off the road and collided into a light pole.  The occupants of the vehicle were not wearing seat belts and died.Regardless of whether