Had too much fun in the sun? Call Lake Havasu DUI attorney

Watch out Lake Havasu: college students from Arizona, California and surrounding states have descended upon you for the next two week marking the 2014 spring break season.  Lake Havasu, known for its party boats, bikinis, and booze, is flooded during this time of year with young people looking to have fun.  This Arizona destination made

Winterfest partiers get results with Lake Havasu DUI lawyer

This time of year is the best time to be in Arizona.  While the rest of the country is under layers of snow and ice, we are enjoying sunny skies and warm temps.  Lake Havasu is celebrating this weekend at their 29th annual Winterfest. At this outdoor event, Lake Havasu City will host an array

Lake Havasu Boating DUI

About this time every year, my office receives a steady stream of phone calls from people who have been arrested for a boating DUI in Lake Havasu, Arizona.  The more technical charge is OUI – Operating a Watercraft while Under the Influence.  In my experience with representing hundreds of clients, I don’t think I have