Free Legal Advice For Marijuana DUI Cases

Our office is seeing a lot more marijuana DUI cases recently. We believe that this is because as we get closer to legalizing marijuana, people believe that it is legal to drive a vehicle after consuming. The problem is, the marijuana DUI laws, at least as they apply to Arizona, are very unclear. The law makes two distinctions. First, if a person does not have a medical marijuana card, it is illegal to drive with any traceable amounts of marijuana in their system. What is a traceable amount of marijuana? It’s against the law to have any traceable amount of THC in a person’s system at the time of driving.

What is Arizona’s Law Regarding Marijuana DUIs

What is Arizona’s Law Regarding Marijuana DUIs The legalities of marijuana DUIs have been in the news recently, drawing more attention to the complexities of these types of cases.  As a criminal defense attorney in Arizona, I am extremely interested in these new findings and all the issues surrounding marijuana DUIs as well as the