What are the Fines for Public Consumption in Scottsdale

Every year my office gets hired by hundreds of people for various types of offenses in Scottsdale, Arizona. One of the more common offenses that we see is public consumption of alcohol. Public consumption of alcohol may seem to be legal in Scottsdale, but the truth is it’s heavily criminalized. The police are on constant lookout for anybody who may be drinking alcohol outside of a bar or a club and are quick to issue a citation. If you live out of state, the policy of Scottsdale Police Department is to arrest and book you.

Arizona Open Container and Public Consumption Attorney

Open Container and Public Consumption Attorney Arizona, undoubtedly, has the best winter weather in the country. Right around October, Arizona festivals kick off and go strong through the spring. Most of the festivals and parties in the Phoenix area take place in Tempe and Scottsdale. Although the festivals seem like a carefree environment, Tempe and