Understanding Drug Possession Laws in Arizona

Conviction for a drug possession charge in Arizona can alter a person’s life forever. However, there are options available for defense that can lead to the charges being lowered to a misdemeanor, only probation or dismissed altogether. At Matthew Lopez Law, we are your advocates when it comes to fighting drug possession charges in Arizona. If you have been charged with any type of drug possession or intent to sell or transport drugs, we can help you find the best solution to protect your freedom and future. Call us for a free consultation – it is worth your time to secure the best outcome for your situation.

Tempe underage drinking attorney helps face reality, fights charges

It’s back to work Monday for many of us, and research tells us that this is the most depressing day of the entire year.  After enjoying 2 months of holiday celebrations, shopping, parties, food, drinks and lights, it is back to the grind (school or work) plus the added guilt.  The decorations are down, gifts

Tempe marijuana lawyer advises on transportation & trafficking charges

Officials are finding tons of marijuana along the Mexican border…this time literally.  On Tuesday, federal authorities reported seizing more than two tons of the stuff hidden in vehicles by brush and tarps.  This amount of marijuana is certainly not someone’s private stash: it was most likely meant to be distributed throughout the area and sold

ASU Police Conduct Operation Safe and Sober

Operation Safe and Sober recently wrapped up a campaign in the area surrounding ASU to crack down on drunk driving and underage drinking.  Due to an increase in alcohol related crime in the past year, and too many extreme cases of underage drinking that made the news, Tempe Police along with the Sheriff’s Office and

Suns player is in Need of Top Scottsdale Drug Possession Lawyer

Arrested for Marijuana or Cocaine – Call Scottsdale Drug Possession Lawyer A Phoenix Suns player becomes a poor example for young basketball fans today after he is arrested for marijuana.  Michael Beasley was arrested in Scottsdale this morning when officers found what they allege to be marijuana cigarettes in his car.  Beasley, a forward who