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Border patrol agents have accused a 71 year old man on attempting to smuggle six pounds of heroin over the US-Mexcio border.  The man was allegedly hiding the drugs, worth an estimated $80,000, in his computer case in his SUV.  The drugs were confiscated and the man was taken into custody facing some very serious

ASU marijuana possession lawyer here to help, until McCain gets his way

A well-known and well-respected Arizona politician has surprisingly spoken out about possibly supporting the legalization of marijuana.  John McCain, Arizona’s republican senator, told a town hall last week that “maybe we should legalize marijuana.”  Statements like this are certainly popping up more and more, seeing that several states have legalized small amounts of marijuana for

Top Phoenix Lawyer Fighting Marijuana Trafficking Charges

A tractor-trailer crossing the border in Nogales last week was discovered to be carrying over 2300 pounds of marijuana, hidden in amongst a shipment of peppers.  The Nogales US Customs and Border Protection became aware of the drugs after a canine narcotics detection officer alerted them.  The 27-year-old driver was taken into custody, and an