ASU marijuana possession lawyer here to help, until McCain gets his way

A well-known and well-respected Arizona politician has surprisingly spoken out about possibly supporting the legalization of marijuana.  John McCain, Arizona’s republican senator, told a town hall last week that “maybe we should legalize marijuana.”  Statements like this are certainly popping up more and more, seeing that several states have legalized small amounts of marijuana for

Illegal Prescription Drug Sales: Prescription for Trouble

Phoenix Prescription Drug Lawyer Here to Help Keep you out of Prison Twelve people have been arrested in Phoenix for selling prescription drugs illegally that were manufactured in Mexico.  Officials served search warrants to stores and homes, finding evidence after the yearlong investigation, and made the arrests today.  The charges against the twelve individuals are

Phoenix Marijuana Possession Attorney Helps Reduce Charges

Phoenix Marijuana Possession Could Lead to Mandatory Prison A drug bust in southern Arizona shows how easy it is to get carried away when you are handling and using drugs.  A couple was arrested after their car was searched and police found 14 bundles of marijuana.  Police also found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in the