How to Find the Best Lawyer for Tempe Municipal Court Cases

There are many lawyers throughout Arizona who claim to have experience, but unless a lawyer is at your court on a very regular basis, they simply will not be able to provide you with the best possible outcome. Our law office is located approximately 4 miles from Tempe Municipal Court.

Consequences of Driving on a Suspended License

Driving privileges can be suspended or revoked for many reasons, usually due to a previous driving-related offense. When a driver’s license has been suspended it can hamper your ability to manage your life, from work or school to everyday errands you need to complete. However, getting behind the wheel with a suspended Arizona license can

Tempe Lawyer in Court All the Time

Tempe Lawyer in Court All the Time As with most weeks at my law firm, this week was exceptionally busy. I have been in and out of court all week providing my clients with great results. This morning I was in Tempe Municipal Court at 8:30 and had to be in Lake Havasu Court at

Can’t Settle a Personal Injury Case? File a Lawsuit!

Insurance companies develop a database that shows the history of personal injury attorneys – whether they are aggressive or will simply just layover in an effort to settle a car accident case as quickly as possible. As a an attorney, it is important to develop an aggressive reputation amongst insurance companies. I have handled countless