Bizarre pedestrian death calls for Arizona personal injury attorney

An accident in Central Phoenix Sunday night is definitely one to make headlines.  Not only was there a fatality, which was shocking enough, but the circumstances were extremely bizarre.  According to Police, two vehicles crashed into one another near 15th Avenue and McDowell, causing one of the vehicles to hit a traffic pole.  The pole

Tempe Personal Injury Attorney Helps Victims of Motorcycle Accidents

Tempe Personal Injury Attorney Gets Motorcycle Accident Victims Paid! Another motorcycle accident in the Phoenix metro area unfortunately resulted in the motorcyclist losing his life.  The crash occurred last night in Glendale.  A vehicle crashed into the motorcyclist, attempted to flee the scene, struck another vehicle, then was chased and held by witnesses until police

Arizona personal injury attorney helps victims of accidents

Arizona Personal Injury Attorney On Monday afternoon, one very unlucky woman was hit by a car while she was standing next to her disabled vehicle on the side of Interstate 10 in Phoenix.  The woman, whose condition is not known, was close to 27th Avenue exit ramp when the vehicle struck her.  When your vehicle

Texting and Driving Accident victims get the money they deserve

The Tempe Police department is doing some damage control today after one of its officers was photographed texting while driving on his police motorcycle.  The dangers of texting and driving have been known for a long time and are still being publicized yet in this age of technology, many people still cannot stay away from

Phoenix Lawyer Helping Motorcycle Accident Victims

A Tempe motorcycle police officer was hit by a cab driver early Sunday morning while on his bike near University Drive and Rural Road.  The taxi hit the officer while the driver was making an illegal U-turn.  The officer was knocked off his motorcycle into the street and suffered serious injuries.  He was taken to

Fatal rollover accident in Southern Arizona

A woman and her infant were killed a few weeks ago in Southern Arizona in a roll over accident.  The accident on State Route 86 left the 25 year old and her baby ejected from the vehicle and declared dead at the scene.  Several others were injured and were airlifted to the hospital.  Such a

Dogs Attack 2 Girls in Flagstaff, Reminder of Dog Unpredictability

Two dogs attacked and injured two young girls in Flagstaff on Friday, leaving the girls injured and the police searching for the owner of the animals.  The dogs were playing with their owner near the baseball field when they approached the two girls and attacked them.  There were scratches on their legs and a bite