Gilbert DUI Lawyer

Gilbert DUI Lawyer As the owner of a very successful criminal defense law practice, I can tell you that DUIs are one of the most misunderstood practice areas.   Everyone thinks they know something about Arizona DUI laws. These beliefs are held by lawyers and non-lawyers alike. With respect to lawyers, I’ve noticed that new lawyers,

Gilbert Disorderly Conduct Attorney

Disorderly conduct is one of the most unfairly ambiguous charges a person could face. In my experience, clients are charged with disorderly conduct when the police can’t think of anything else to charge them with. It’s sort of a catchall charge. Because Gilbert’s downtown is growing with more and more bars and restaurants, we’re seeing

Gilbert Urinating in Public Lawyer

Ever since Dierks Bentley Whiskey opened its Gilbert location, my office has been inundated with phone calls The calls are generally for lower level misdemeanor offenses, including assault, disorderly conduct, minor in consumption of alcohol and minor in possession of alcohol. With all these offenses, it occurred to us, we are already one of the

DUI Arrests Increase in Parker, Arizona

Anyone who has been to Parker, Arizona knows the fun that comes with hanging out at the river and enjoying the sun. There are parties everywhere, great weather and beautiful people. If you’re tired with the hustle and bustle, a trip to Parker is a great escape. The issue our lawyers see in in Parker,

Having Your Conviction Set Aside is Easy

Get Your Conviction Set Aside I understand, once upon a time you committed an act that you aren’t proud of, now you’re worried that it’s going to affect your career or educational opportunities. The million dollar question is, what can you do to clean up your record? If this is your question, we are your

Casa Grande Criminal Speeding Ticket Lawyer You Need To Call

Casa Grande Criminal Speeding Ticket Lawyer You Need To Call Have you ever been driving to Phoenix or Tucson and lost track of your speed?  Don’t worry, it has happened to all of us.  I’ll be honest, as a lawyer who travels across the entire State of Arizona providing clients with award winning criminal defense

West Mesa Justice Court Speeding Ticket Lawyer

West Mesa Justice Court Criminal Speeding The West Mesa Justice Court is a very busy court involving Criminal Speeding Tickets. This is because the court has jurisdiction over portions of Arizona State Route 101 (“Loop 101”) and State Route 87 (“Beeline Highway”). The Arizona Department of Public Safety (“DPS”) and the Salt River Police Department

Getting in Fights At Tempe Bars Lead to Assault Charges

Getting in Fights Outside of Mill Avenue Bar Leads to Assault Charge This morning, we represented two young men who were partying on Mill Ave in Tempe, Arizona and received charges for assault, disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. The fact patterns for these types of cases are generally all the same. Client goes to a

Text Messages Lead to Threatening and Intimidating Charges in Mesa

Can A Person Really Be Charged With Threatening and Intimidating Believe it or not, it is against the law to verbally threaten or intimidate someone.  Arizona law criminalizes language that threatens bodily harm or damage to another’s property.  Language like this is not protected free speech.  In most cases, threatening and intimidating is classified as

Gilbert DUI Leads to Probation Violation

What You Need to Do For Probation Revocation at Gilbert Court Gilbert Court can be one of the strictest courts in Arizona for DUIs. As I’m writing this, I’m in court waiting for my client’s case to be called. Without giving away attorney client privilege, I will give you the general facts. Three years ago, my

Have A Lawyer Reduce Your Tempe DUI to Reckless Driving

Underage DUI in Tempe Reduced to Reckless Driving This morning, we settled a case in Tempe for an underage DUI that resulted in a complete dismissal of all DUI charges in exchange for pleading guilty to Reckless Driving.  This was an amazing outcome!  The client, his family and our law firm couldn’t be happier. What

What is Textalyzer Technology?

Anyone who’s been on the road has seen the effects of texting while driving. You may have even experienced them yourself: drifting into another lane, not seeing the light change, slamming on the brakes to keep from rear-ending the car ahead. Texting is prohibited in most states now, yet distraction due to using mobile devices

Top Rated Florence Arizona DUI Lawyers

DUI Lawyers in Florence, Arizona As one of the busiest criminal defense and DUI law firms in Arizona, clients from across the entire State hire us to defend their DUI cases. Although our principal office is located in Tempe, our reputation for providing aggressive, smart and effective results have caused so many people to hire

North Mesa Justice Court Minor in Consumption of Alcohol

North Mesa Justice Court Underage Drinking If you are one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who were issued a minor in consumption of alcohol charge while floating down the Salt River, your case will be assigned to the North Mesa Justice Court. Important Advice for Minor in Consumption of Alcohol Cases The

Watch Out For 4th of July DUIs

Celebrating Independence Day is something Americans look forward to with great anticipation Parades, fireworks, and the backyard barbecue are staples of this iconic holiday. So are alcoholic beverages. In some areas, like Nogales, AZ, city council members are voting against serving alcoholic beverages at public events on the 4th. Citizens concerned with the messages that

Smart Phone Breathalyzer Apps

If you are pulled over by the police and your blood alcohol is greater than .08, it is very likely you will be arrested for DUI. Both have severe consequences and can be extremely expensive and painful to deal with. Some penalties include the loss of your driver’s license, required alcohol classes, thousands of dollars

Be Prepared for 4th of July – Don’t Drink & Drive

The 4th of July is one of the most beloved American holidays. It is a time for family and a time to enjoy the beautiful summer weather! Most Americans spend the 4th of July barbecuing with friends, watching the fireworks and you guessed it—having a couple of adult beverages. Unfortunately, the 4th of July is

Obstruction of Justice Lawyers in Tempe and Scottsdale

Obstruction of justice is an incredibly broad charge. Arizona law categorizes obstruction of justice as “using or threatening to use violence or physical force, such person knowingly obstructs, impairs or hinders the enforcement of penal law or preservation of the peace by a peace officer acting under the color of his official authority.” The way

Is Distracted Driving as Dangerous as Drunk Driving?

Distractions can come in a variety of guises. While you may not think of yourself as being one who participates in distracted driving, you may want to reconsider once you understand the scope of the problem. There is no question about the danger of drunk driving. In fact, drunk driving contributes to about 2 million vehicle crashes annually. Fatalities associated with highway accidents involving two or more cars are over 50% more likely to have alcohol impairment as a factor in the crash. As sobering as those statistics may be, the Centers for Disease Control has identified distracted driving as another major cause for vehicular accidents.

Arizona DUI arrest: guilty until proven innocent?

Mesa City councilman DUI arrest A local elected official has found himself in a media firestorm after an arrest for suspicion of DUI.  Ryan Winkle, a Mesa City Councilman elected just this past November, was arrested earlier this month in Tempe, Arizona after he was allegedly weaving his car on the road.  Police pulled him

Car Insurance Language: Why are Policy Terms So Confusing?

Car owners in Arizona are expected to have proper car insurance. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, the law requires that minimum levels of liability insurance coverage be carried for every motor vehicle operated on Arizona roadways. This means bodily injury coverage of no less than $15,000 per person and $30,000 for two or more people. You must also carry property-damage liability of at least $10,000. These requirements extend to golf carts, motorcycles and mopeds as well.

Important Witnesses That May Be Needed in Personal Injury Cases

When you or a loved one has been harmed or injured in an accident or incident, you have recourse of which you should to be aware. At the time of the injury or incident, emotions are high and those involved may be acting on automatic pilot. Important information may go unnoticed or be forgotten. Being aware of those things and people that will help you in a claim for damages will greatly increase your odds for a satisfactory resolution.