Is a Diversion Program Offered for Urinating in Public in Scottsdale

Diversion Program

Every week, my office gets hired by about five people for urinating in public in Scottsdale. Even though we get hired multiple times per week, there are still people that we consult with the end up not hiring our office. Our office routinely meets to discuss why the people that called us perhaps did not hire us, this is especially true when we find out that the potential client decided to hire another law firm to represent them. First, I cannot understand why somebody would hire another law firm to represent them for a urinating in public case.

We represent more people for urinating in public in Scottsdale than any other law firm in Arizona

I would bet that there is not even a close second. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps another law firm tells a potential client something that is different than what our lawyers tell them during their consultation.

Best Possible Outcome

If you’ve been charged with urinating in public in Scottsdale and you meet with another law firm and that law firm tells you that it’s possible for you to participate be in a diversion program, they simply do not know what they’re talking about and do not have any experience in Scottsdale Court for urinating in public charges. If you decide to move forward with a law firm that guarantees or even tells you that a diversion program is a possibility, you are going to be sorely disappointed. Scottsdale Prosecutor’s Office has a black and white policy for urinating in public cases. They do not offer diversion programs for urinating in public. I always tell my potential clients that if they receive legal advice that is different from the advice that my lawyers provide, it is wrong. Our attorneys have handled hundreds if not thousands of urinating in public cases, and we consider ourselves to be the authority in Scottsdale. Do not waste your money on a law firm that promises you something that our attorneys do not say is possible. Most lawyers will tell you anything they think you want to hear. Our attorneys are honest, hard-working and trustworthy. We will never tell you something that is false or incorrect in an attempt to gain your business – we would rather you receive sound legal advice. So, if you’ve been charged with urinating in public in Scottsdale and you want an attorney who will provide the best possible outcome, the attorneys at my office are the right fit for you. Please call 602-980-1987 to discuss a specific case strategy for your Scottsdale urinating in public case.

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