Resisting Arrest in Scottsdale

With the rise of social media and the prevalence of smartphones, we are finding that people are becoming braver when it comes to their interaction with police officers It’s no surprise that police officers often times use excessive force and abuse their power. Drinking alcohol and going to the bars and clubs in Scottsdale go

Criminal Trespassing in Scottsdale

Where you go, and even where you look, can be viewed as a crime in Arizona. Criminal trespassing laws in our state are strict and can come with serious consequences if you are convicted. At best, a criminal trespassing conviction will be a class 3 misdemeanor; at worst, you could be facing prison time and

Reckless Operation of a Watercraft in Lake Havasu

Reckless Operation of a Watercraft This week, my office has been inundated with phone calls for reckless operation of a watercraft in Lake Havasu. Reckless operation of a watercraft, otherwise known as reckless operation of a boat, is very similar to the charge of reckless driving. So what is reckless? Reckless is a very subjective

Hot temperatures can make for hot tempers

With the rising temperatures, you may notice that tension and stress also rise in people around Arizona There have actually been studies that show violent crime increases with higher temperature.  Heat can make people more uncomfortable, less patient and overall more irritable.  This can lead to quick outbursts of anger, normally controlled in cooler months. 

Charged with Disorderly Conduct in Scottsdale?

You may not think your behavior is disruptive or disorderly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be charged with disorderly conduct, as you may have already found out. If you were charged with disorderly conduct in Scottsdale, it is now up to you to prove your actions were not unlawful. Disorderly conduct is one of

Goodyear Court DUI Lawyer

Goodyear Court DUI Lawyer I just got back from handling a DUI at the Goodyear Municipal Court. Recently, I’ve noticed that our law firm has received several more calls regarding DUIs at this particular court. Unlike other courts, in my experience,  some of the stops from Goodyear police officers happen to be for very small

Penalties For Driving on a Suspended Driver’s License in Scottsdale

Penalties For Driving on a Suspended License in Scottsdale Every week, Scottsdale Court publishes their arrest report. The report is made available online as a PDF document. So that I know I’m staying current with the services my law firm provides, this is a document that I review on a very regular basis. The document

Did You Get a MIC or MIP in Tempe?

Minor in consumption (MIC) and minor in possession (MIP) are very similar; both misdemeanors and both involving minors and alcohol. While a MIC is used to limit consumption of alcohol by minors, a MIP focuses more on minors trying to enter establishments selling alcohol or stopping them from trying to buy alcohol. Both can lead to a misdemeanor charge that can stay on a person’s permanent record, as well as possible jail time, fines, and other penalties like suspension of driving privileges.

West Mesa Justice Court DUI Law Firm

West Mesa Justice Court DUI Law Firm We’ve recently seen an increased amount of DUIs at the West Mesa Justice Court. Most of our clients who have a case were leaving the Talking Stick Resorts or Casino Arizona.  The majority of the cases are investigated by the Salt River police. In representing thousands of people,

Charged with Using a Fake ID in Tempe?

It can be frustrating to be excluded from entering certain establishments or attending events due to your age, but it is a rite of passage everyone must go through. Until you are 21, there are many places you cannot go in Tempe, even when your friends that are just a little bit older can. It can be tempting to use an ID of a friend that looks like you, or have a fake ID created that says you are 21 to go to a club or buy alcohol. But if you are charged with using a fake ID in Tempe, you could be facing some long-term penalties for your impatience.

DUI penalties at the North Mesa Justice Court

DUI penalties at the North Mesa Justice Court The North Mesa Justice Court gets very busy from May through September due to the number of people who go to the Salt River for day partying. The North Mesa Justice Court is a sub-court of the Maricopa County Justice Court system. Anyone who gets arrested by

Will I Go to Prison For Aggravated assault?

Will I go to prison for aggravated assault? There are several different scenarios in which somebody can be charged with aggravated assault. These situations include: inflicting serious bodily harm against a person – this would include punching somebody and breaking their nose or any other bone, assaulting a police officer – even if the officer

What you should do if you are chargd with domestic violence in Apache Junction

What you should do if charged with domestic violence in Apache Junction Domestic violence is one of the most frustrating charges a person could face. Often times, people think domestic violence is simply making physical contact with your spouse or significant other. Domestic violence, however, can be a lot more complicated than that. Very rarely do

Assault in Scottsdale

If you are charged with an assault in Scottsdale, you could be facing serious consequences that can impact your future. You may think you are safe from being accused of assault if you refrain from hitting or hurting another individual, but that’s not necessarily the case. It is more common than you may believe for a person to be charged with an assault falsely, or due to another person’s perception of their actions. It is important to understand what is considered assault under Arizona law and what your options are if you are charged.

What is the Fine for a Scottsdale Criminal Speeding Ticket?

When we’re hired to represent somebody for criminal speeding ticket, we have one objective. Our objective is to get the case dismissed as quickly as possible. So if your concern is not the fine but having a criminal conviction on your record, Matthew Lopez Law is the right law firm for you.

How to Find the Best Lawyer for Tempe Municipal Court Cases

There are many lawyers throughout Arizona who claim to have experience, but unless a lawyer is at your court on a very regular basis, they simply will not be able to provide you with the best possible outcome. Our law office is located approximately 4 miles from Tempe Municipal Court.

Arizona Boating DUI Law Firm

With summer quickly approaching, people are getting their boats ready to hit the lakes. Our office represents people charged with boating DUIs throughout Arizona. This includes Lake Pleasant, Bartlett Lake, Canyon Lake, Roosevelt, Parker, Bullhead City, Saguaro Lake and Lake Havasu.

Did You Know Littering in Scottsdale is a Crime?

Don’t be convicted of criminal littering – hire Scottsdale’s top lawyer. Let our attorneys begin fighting your case today. Anytime a person is faced with a criminal offense, no matter the severity, it is important that they receive sound legal advice.

Best Lawyer for MIC or MIP of Alcohol

We represent people all the time for their second minor consumption or minor in possession of alcohol charge and they did not hire a lawyer for the first one – we would’ve been able to achieve a better outcome for them the first time around.

Will I go to Jail if Convicted for Criminal Speeding in Scottsdale

There are two very common questions are attorneys receive whenever someone is faced with criminal speeding. The first is whether they will go to jail. The second is how long the criminal conviction will be on the record. Criminal speeding in Arizona is a class 3 criminal misdemeanor. You may see on your ticket that you’re charged with either criminal speeding or excessive speeding.

Second time DUI Penalties at Gilbert Court

DUI penalties become much harsher the second time. In Arizona, courts consider a previous DUI if it took place within seven years of your current DUI. The consequences of your second DUI all depend on the type of DUI your second DUI may be.

Disorderly Conduct in Scottsdale

One of the most common offenses we see in Scottsdale is Disorderly Conduct. A Disorderly Conduct Charge generally arises out of an act that someone commits while they are at a club or a bar. The challenging aspect of Disorderly Conduct is that it’s a subjective charge. Arizona law vaguely criminalizes any act that appears to be disorderly. So who makes the determination of whether an act is disorderly? The answer, while unfair, is the police. This means, that two people could commit the same act and only one person receives the charge of disorderly conduct. This could possibly be explained by the fact that there were two separate police officers involved and one happens to be stricter than the other.