Will I go to Jail if Convicted for Criminal Speeding in Scottsdale

There are two very common questions are attorneys receive whenever someone is faced with criminal speeding. The first is whether they will go to jail. The second is how long the criminal conviction will be on the record. Criminal speeding in Arizona is a class 3 criminal misdemeanor. You may see on your ticket that you’re charged with either criminal speeding or excessive speeding.

Lawyer Defending Gila Bend Criminal Speeding Cases

When driving around Arizona, it is incredible how much open space there is.  Navigating the miles and miles of desert landscape, many push the speed limit and travel faster than the posted signs.  Some people forget than the small towns they drive through have much lower speed limits and police who fiercely patrol the area.

Williams AZ Criminal Speeding

Williams AZ Criminal Speeding Lawyer Driving in and through Williams, Arizona may seem like a breezy open-road drive, but it has turned into a very bad day for many. I have received numerous phone calls recently from people who have been charged with criminal speeding in Williams, AZ. The Route 66 from early days is