Alcohol-Related Arrests Increase During Spring Training in Arizona 

MLB spring training begins toward the end of February and includes 15 Cactus League teams playing at various stadiums in Arizona. Spring training brings thousands of people to Tempe or Scottsdale to enjoy the beginning of baseball and to join in the many events. Often, there is tandem alcohol consumption with the celebrations, which can

Charged with Using a Fake ID in Tempe?

It can be frustrating to be excluded from entering certain establishments or attending events due to your age, but it is a rite of passage everyone must go through. Until you are 21, there are many places you cannot go in Tempe, even when your friends that are just a little bit older can. It can be tempting to use an ID of a friend that looks like you, or have a fake ID created that says you are 21 to go to a club or buy alcohol. But if you are charged with using a fake ID in Tempe, you could be facing some long-term penalties for your impatience.

Underage Drinking At Arizona State University

Downtown Phoenix ASU Campus Classes are almost back in session at Arizona State University.  Thousands of students are moving into their new homes, getting acquainted with their roommates, and preparing for the semester to start.  Many of these students are under the age of 21 therefore not legally allowed to drink alcohol.  The law, however,

What to do if Stopped for Underage Drinking at Salt River

If you are going tubing down the Salt River and you are under 21, please make sure you do not drink. If you do decide to drink at the River, you are making a very big mistake. Hundreds of people will be cited, and some will be arrested, this year for minor in consumption of